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The theme of Mental Health Awareness week is movement and finding small moments to incorporate movement into your daily routine.

Many healthcare professionals spend most of their day on their feet, caring for patients and helping their colleagues. So, the last thing they want to do is add a workout to their routine and finding time for movement can feel like another responsibility to add to an endless list.

Despite your job’s demanding nature, prioritising moments of intuitive movement is essential. This type of movement is not just about completing tasks but also about supporting your health and well-being. It’s about finding movement that brings you joy and makes you feel good, not just one that benefits your patients and colleagues. 

These intentional moments of movement, no matter how small, can drastically improve your physical and mental health.

At Medsol, we want to keep you working at your best, physically and mentally, so that you can provide the best possible care for patients. When you’re feeling good, you’re better equipped to care for your patients. 

I know what you’re thinking: ‘I’ve got so much on my plate, I barely have a minute to myself.’ But finding time in your day to move more might be easier than you think. It doesn’t mean hitting the gym or sweating it out in an intensive spin class (if that’s your thing, go for it)!

There are plenty of ways to incorporate movement into your everyday routine, and here are some ideas for how you can make a start:

A big stretch session in the morning 

You know how great it feels to do THAT big stretch as soon as you wake up? Well, waking your body up with a big stretch or some yoga is a great way to centre yourself, improve your flexibility, and prepare yourself for the busy day ahead. 

Take the long route.

Whether it’s jumping off the train or bus a few stops early, parking at the back of the car park or walking the slightly longer way to work, adding just a 10-minute walk into your daily routine can massively improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety.  

“Hey Google, play my Kitchen Dance Party playlist.”

When you’re making dinner, and you’ve got the insufferable wait while your food cooks – this is the perfect time to host your own kitchen dance party. Press play on your favourite dance music (we don’t judge) and let loose. Making movement fun is the ultimate endorphin boost. 

This Mental Health Awareness week, Remember, movement shouldn’t feel like a chore. It should feel like a little break and a chance to improve your mental health an happiness.