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New NHS data shows that nurses in England took, on average, one week off sick because of stress, anxiety, or depression. Over the past few years, nurses have faced an increasing strain in their jobs, from low NHS pay to understaffing. 

These poor working conditions, unfortunately, have become the norm within the NHS since the pandemic, which is struggling to cope with the overwhelming demand. However, it’s urgent that we address this issue. How can we expect nurses to provide the best quality care to patients if they are not being supported and cared for themselves?

Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system, providing essential care and support to patients daily. So, it is crucial to find ways to manage stress and anxiety in our nurses. 

Here are some tried and tested ways to help reduce anxiety from some of our nurses:

1) Maintain a self-care routine:

Nurses are always so focused on caring for others that they forget that they also need to care for themselves. For some nurses, having a dedicated 5-10 minute self-care routine, whether enjoying a few extra minutes in the shower or a six-step skincare routine, makes time for self-care essential for reducing stress levels. 

2) Setting boundaries:

As anyone who has attempted to ‘leave their work at the door’ will know, setting work-life boundaries is hard, especially in a role like nursing. Some days, nurses will encounter moments that will stay with them forever. But, as hard as it might be, setting boundaries and learning to say no when necessary can hugely prevent burnout. A great way to separate work and home life is to have a ‘buffer period’ before going home. Listen to your favourite song on the drive home or walk the long way home – taking time to separate the two spheres helps. 

3) Seeking flexibility:

Every nurse’s situation is unique, but we encourage you to seek flexibility where possible. Making your work fit your life helps you feel in control and less anxious about the intense pressures of nursing. Plenty of recruitment agencies, like Medsol, offer locum roles for nurses, providing opportunities for temporary positions or flexible schedules that allow nurses to take time off when necessary and plan their own work hours.

At Medsol, we understand nurses’ challenges and are committed to supporting their well-being. Our locum roles offer flexibility and autonomy, allowing nurses to take control of their schedules and prioritise their mental health. Whether it’s a short-term assignment or a more extended break, we’re here to provide opportunities that meet the individual needs of nurses.